Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Installation Support Service

What is this service all about?
Many non-tech entrepreneurs who download the BitExchange Script need help with Installation. Out of all the requests we have got so far, we have divided the requests into 2 types:
- Those who want to install the script themselves, but need live support ( Installation Assistance Service )
- Those who want the entire installation of the product to be done on their servers and handed over up-and-running ( ie. end-to-end Expert Installation Service ).

So, you need to be first clear on which among the above 2 service you would need.

What are the things covered in this Installation Assistance Service?
This is a unique type of Installation service which caters to 3 types of audience:
1) Developers: We assume they have some sort of basic experience working on block chain projects before.
2) Tech Entrepreneurs: Here, the entrepreneur wants one of his developers to do the installation & want us to assist the developer.
3) Non-Tech Entrepreneurs: You have just an understanding of technology. Along with a good guided help, you can setup the platform yourself. 

When you choose this Installation Assistance Service ( IAS ), following are the things you can expect:
- You will get access to a Private thread in our Forum.  Only you and the Technical agent from our side will be in this private room.
- The Agent will guide you on getting the product installed.
- You can ask your questions to the agent ( Please only stick to the script related questions ).
- Everything happens over chat.

How do I book the Installation Assistance Service?
Step 1: First you Download the latest version of our product.
Step 2: You donate $149 for the Installation Assistance Service.
Step 3: We accept the following modes of payment:

BITCOIN Address: 1iN4StEZVki3zN4PCW8BA9y9AvCGWWj2c 

ETHER Address: 0x25dC1A39a627B030eFC06f8E31AE6Cf4F198B10e  

USDT Address: 19ZDtfwQzmYnb2p6jEwDZm3du94hrQSyep 


TRX Address: TMaLzR2G2P7DzPJXPhX6DkFCL9ZQWpncjT 

Step 4: Once the payment is made, please contact us on FB Messenger HERE -or- shoot a mail to: contact@bitexchange.systems ( with the screenshot of your transaction ).
Step 5: We will verify your transaction and assign you an agent.

Note: We would need atleast 4 hours to provision your private room & assign an agent. We request you to be a little patient.

Can I switch over from Installation Assistance Service ( IAS ) -to- Expert Installation Service ( EIS )?
Yes. You can. All you need to do is, contact us on our FB messenger page, or shoot a mail to the above mentioned email ID about your decision. We will turn things accordingly.

How to avail the Expert Installation Service ( EIS )?
Step 1: First you Download the latest version of our Script.
Step 2: Please contact us on FB Messenger HERE -or- shoot a mail to: contact@bitexchange.systems.
Step 3: We will connect you with the respective developer/ vendor for the Expert Installation Service ( as it changes based on the availability of developers ).