Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to add an Exchange Remarketer feature to your Bitcoin Exchange Software

One of the most essential things for any new Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Exchange is to showcase a busy and populated order book. A busy & dynamic order book woos your users to start trading on your exchange without any second thoughts( also helps them successfully complete their trade ). To achieve this your Bitcoin Exchange Script must have other Exchanges integrated as Liquidity providers. Once your exchange has a Liquidity provider, you can implement the Exchange Remarketer feature to boost your order book from day one.

NoteBitExchange is a ready-made Bitcoin Exchange Script with Exchange Remarketer feature builtin

How does this work?

Very simple. Once you choose a leading exchange as your Liquidity Provider, you will need to integrate the API of the respective exchange on your Bitcoin exchange software. Once this is done, implement the Exchange Remarketer module. This module duplicates the orders and transactions of the providing exchange you have integrated and shows it up on your site's order book. When your user buys a cryptocurrency on your exchange, the Remarketer buys the exact same amount of crypto from the liquidity providing exchange and sells it to the customer. On the other hand if a user on your exchange sells cryptocurrency, the Exchange Remarketer module will buy the crypto from the user and sell it on the providing exchange. All this happens seamless and lightning fast!

The Exchange Remarketer module should be programmed good enough that it sniffs outages ( if at all ) at the liquidity provider end and pauses itself during such situations immediately and automatically.

The Exchange Remarketer module that is built-in the BitExchange script comes with a suite of adjustable parameters, so your backend team can easily customize the module to key in the required thresholds, depth of re-marketing etc. and boost the order book.Also comes with instant notifications to the admin of your exchange during situations of low balances on your providers exchange or yours. The module also has the latest Cross-FX remarketing capability, so your team can also remarket fiat currencies.

Exchange Remarketer feature in Bitcoin Exchange script

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