Friday, December 18, 2020

Como acelerar uma transação de bitcoin travada?

Com a introdução do Bitcoin, a primeira criptomoeda do mundo, as pessoas foram muito atraídas pelos benefícios que ele tinha a oferecer. Embora conduza uma economia sem dinheiro, o que também promete é uma forma genuína de aumento de riqueza. Neste artigo, vamos ver como acelerar uma transação Bitcoin travada.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Help us Keep this Service ALIVE

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Friday, July 6, 2018

What is a bitcoin marketplace script? Where can you get a good one?

Online Marketplaces have always been a backbone of the internet Amazon, eBay etc. The underlying principle of all these marketplaces is that they focus on promoting the ease of use on their platforms. A major part of which is enabling their customers to buy on the platform with the best possible payment methods that is available.

This is one of the key factors of customer acquisition. 

What is a bitcoin marketplace script?
A bitcoin marketplace script is a script/online marketplace software that allow you to start an online marketplace of your own for selling products (just like Amazon, eBay etc) while accepting Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ether as a form of payment. Your users would pay using a cryptocurrency of their choice like Bitcoin to buy products on the marketplace. The whole process would be seamlessly integrated.

The users would pay to you, the marketplace owner, once the delivery of the product is confirmed and without any request for refund, you can pay the seller. 

Why should anyone start a marketplace with the Bitcoin Marketplace Script?

Changing with the trend and providing convenient methods of payments such as Bitcoin, Ether etc would prove to be a game changer. 

Most of these Major marketplaces that are operational are still sceptical about accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment... Yet. 

This presents a great opportunity for those who want to foray into starting an online marketplace. This somehow would give you the edge and over time make it more comfortable for early adopters and their Friends & family to start using your platform regularly. 

Of course, a lot of factors like availability of innovative superior quality niche product on the platform, warehousing, logistics mapping & planning, deliver-ability, coverage area contribute to your marketplace's success apart from the ones mentioned earlier. 

What are some of the ideal features of a bitcoin marketplace script?
Some of the ideal features a bitcoin marketplace script should have are listed below:

- Single vendor / Multi-Vendor marketplace system. (Are you going to sell your products only or are you going to let others vendors to sell on your platform?)

- Integrated Payment gateways for accepting Fiat currencies
- Cryptocurrency payment gateway(, Coinpayments etc)
- Product management module
- Customer data management
- Products listing page
- Easy search and discover-ability of products
- Product cataloguing module
-Seller dashboard (In case of multi-vendor platform)
- A Robust admin panel to manage all products and users on the site.
- Revenue management
- Shipment tracking
- Mobile apps.

Where can you get a Bitcoin marketplace script?

At present, there are only a handful of Bitcoin marketplace scripts available on the market. Some of them are:

Multi-Vendor Bitcoin Mart
An open source multi-vendor bitcoin marketplace script that allows you to start an Amazon like site and it's free.

Bitcoin Marketplace Script
As plainly as the states, Bitcoin marketplace script offers a single vendor and multi-vendor marketplace script separately. 
All it's offering are up for purchase and most features are available, but as always please do a thorough research and make an informed decision. 

We will keep updating this post as an when a new product comes out. Meanwhile, If you do come across any other platform, let us know in the comments. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

What is Bitcoin Mixer script? Where can you get a good one?

One of the prime feature of Cryptocurrencies was the anonymity it provided for it's holder. Earlier, anyone could buy a cryptocurrency without being asked for their details. This has changed in the recent times and there are tools that could track the movement of these coins and trace them back to the owner. That's where a Bitcoin Mixer script come in (also known as Bitcoin Tumbler script).

What is Bitcoin Mixing or Bitcoin Tumbling?

Bitcoin Mixing is based on the concept of CoinJoin, a coin anonymization strategy where transactions from multiple users are combined together as a single transaction and processed into smaller transactions with a new cryptographic hash (new identity).

Each coin is associated with a hash and the byte size of the coin, they can be recognised easily by potential criminals. People who are tracking these coins would use these information to track the coin. Bitcoin Mixing is the process by which the coins from one wallet are split up into smaller quantities and sent to multiple (two or more) cryptocurrency wallets to make it hard to trace for privacy reasons.

People use third party bitcoin mixer services to carry out the process which enables anonymity.

You can even start your own Bitcoin mixer or bitcoin tumbling service by building one yourself or using a bitcoin mixer script that can help others to tumble their bitcoins.

How can you make money by running a Bitcoin Mixer script based service?

Most services that are already there take between 1.5% to 5% tumbling fee for every tumbling done. Similarly you could price every transaction done in that bracket. This would ensure that you provide a competitive and healthy service to your customers.

The important factor that most service forget about cryptocurrency based services is that very less people trust it, providing a good transparent service will rake in more customers and business over a period of time.

Some important features of Bitcoin Mixer script

Whether you are setting out to build one or setting up a ready made bitcoin mixing script, these are the features you would need to look out for.

  •  Secure & maintain anonymity - The bitcoin mixer script has to secure each transaction with high grade encryption. All the wallet and ledger data that is present with the Mixer service should be encrypted and all the best practises have to be followed to main the anonymity of the user. 
  • Smart Tumbler algorithm- The tumbler algorithm written for this purpose should be efficient and should incorporate practises such as time delay, variable quantity and random match etc.
  • Randomizer - The algorithm should ensure that in the first instance the coins should be sent to another users wallet and later from the other users wallet to the user's second or third wallet.
  • Extendability: Has Robust API layer for building mobile apps and other possible integration into services.
  • Easy to use Interface - An Intuitive self explanatory User Interface is a must as most of the users may not be comfortable with a complex User interface.
  • Auto-Prune - Periodical deletion of the transaction details to maintain anonymity or privacy of users.
Where can you get the best Bitcoin Mixer Script?

  • JoinMarket Bitcoin Mixer Script
 JoinMarket has an Open source bitcoin tumbler script that allows users to safely tumble their bitcons anonymously. Joinmarket's script is a popular option for running a bitcoin mixer service where people further customise it to their liking and make it business ready.

  • Penguin Mixer
The open source bitcoin tumbler script Penguin Mixer is hosted in the darknet and you'd need a tor browser to visit the site (or use tor2web extension to visit and download). There are a lot of services that have been built using the penguin mixer script and it has been around for a while. 

  • OpenTumble
OpenTumble's cryptocurrency tumbler script makes it easy to run a central or your own decentralized coin mixing service. According to the makers of the project, they want it to be of great value to those in countries where it is banned and could potentially threaten them. 

  • CoinMux
CoinMux is another decentralized bitcoin mixing script that is still under development and not be production ready yet, but we thought it would be a great product to look forward to. 

Disclaimer: All the information provided above are for reference only. We do not endorse any of the products mentioned above. Please make an informed decision before using any of these services. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Top Cryptocurrency business ideas that you can start within a week

Cryptocurrency based business ideas are considered future-proof. If you have been thinking about riding on the bitcoin business wave and have been putting it off, now is the right time to dive in.

Here are some of the interesting Cryptocurrency business ideas that we think you could start with an investment as low as $200 and upwards.

1. Starting a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange:
This is our top most favourite among the other cryptocurrency business ideas. A P2P Cryptocurrency trading exchange is a marketplace where people can buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly with each other, as opposed to a user buying from or selling to an exchange. For each of these transaction made on the platform, as an exchange you could charge a fee for it.

Setting up a cryptocurrency exchange is tricky and needs proper security measures before it goes live. There are installation services that you can help you with these crucial process. You can get started with this bitcoin business idea right away, as there are cryptocurrency exchange scripts that are available for free.

Check it out here:

2. Cryptocurrency Wallet
This is our second most favourite, among the other cryptocurrency business ideas.

A Cryptocurrency Wallet helps a user store a variety of their cryptocurrencies. This would allow them to keep their cryptocurrency tokens in a safe place. A Cryptocurrency wallet must have all the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to their funds store in the Cryptocurrency wallet. A user would sign up for the wallet, then once they enter the wallet,they can generate an address under this wallet. Once they start receiving the coins, for each time they send some coins, you can charge the users for it.

The reason this bitcoin business idea is our favorite is because of it's ease of getting started. You can use any of the ready made scripts that help you start a cryptocurrency wallet platform right away.

Check it out here:

3. Cloud Mining platform

Our third favorite is the most eco-friendly among the other cryptocurrency business ideas. It impacts the environment significantly in a good way. Though the imagery that comes to your mind is of someone literally mining a coin, Cryptocurrency mining is the process by which a transaction is verified by solving a cryptographic hash (in the form of a puzzle). For every successful result some unit of bitcoin is generated. Cryptocurrency mining has been around since 2010, where people invested both expensive and inexpensive hardware to mine the coins.

Enter 2018, the ability to carry out mining through a cloud securely gave to the concept of Cloud mining. A method which is rapidly growing considering the time, money and energy it saves significantly.

If you are business savvy, this bitcoin business idea is for you. You can mine cryptocurrencies for others and take a fee for it as well. This guarantees that for a minimal investment, you get to mine bitcoins for yourself as well as others and make money off of it faster and easier.

There are readymade scripts available to start your own bitcoin mining service, one such script is available here: Check it out

4. Running an ICO
Among the cryptocurrency business ideas we have listed, this one requires that you are a crowd favourite.

Running a startup or have a business idea that needs funding, but unsure, whether investors would understand your product or reject it outright without realizing the potential (just like how the Shark tank investors lost out on investing in Ring. )

Initial Coin offering (ICO) is the best option for you. To host an ICO you would be distributing your own cryptocurrencies that is valued against a certain amount of USD or any fiat / cryptocurrency that you specify. When people buy these cryptocurrencies, they deposit the amount towards your idea / product. ICOs are a great way to garner crowdfunds from anyone around the world.

Also, for startups, this means that they already have the early adopters to try out their products.

Running and managing an ICO can be cumbersome, However, to execute this bitcoin business idea, you would need a solid ICO Dashboard to run and manage the whole process.

You can get one here:

5. Cryptocurrency Comparison Script

Ranking as the fifth favorite among the cryptocurrency business ideas, is the cryptocurrency comparison paltform. A cryptocurrency comparison platform is used by enthusiasts and professional traders alike.

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized, the price, volume, etc vary across multiple exchanges. There needs to be a comparison engine that formulates the mean average price across the exchanges for users to follow.

Starting a cryptocurrency comparison site by yourself is also possible. Lucky for you, there are data sources that do the heavy lifting for you. Your imminent source of revenue would be from displaying ads, promoting ICOs and events related to cryptocurrency on your platform.
You can build one from scratch or be wiser and pick one of the readily available scripts, to get the ball rolling.

With literally under $200, you can venture into the most lucrative aspect of the cryptocurrency trend. Now you know why it's among our list of favourite bitcoin business ideas.

Check the script here:

6. Bitcoin lending script

The final favorite among the other cryptocurrency business ideas, Bitcoin lending platform. Same old lending, but with Bitcoins this time. Money lending, is still a strong and profitable business for everyone involved (Considering only the legit operators here)
Allow your customers to invest in Bitcoins and over a period of time, offer them some appreciation for the amount of coins they had invested. With minimal investment, offer your users a fair sum of money / bitcoin after a minimal lock-in period..
Start your own bitcoin lending business with some of the best script that is available.

Check it out here:

With this, our list of bitcoin business ideas is complete. 

Do let us know in the comments if you know any other cryptocurrency business ideas that is easier to start for beginners and experts alike.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Installation Support Service

What is this service all about?
Many non-tech entrepreneurs who download the BitExchange Script need help with Installation. Out of all the requests we have got so far, we have divided the requests into 2 types:
- Those who want to install the script themselves, but need live support ( Installation Assistance Service )
- Those who want the entire installation of the product to be done on their servers and handed over up-and-running ( ie. end-to-end Expert Installation Service ).

So, you need to be first clear on which among the above 2 service you would need.

What are the things covered in this Installation Assistance Service?
This is a unique type of Installation service which caters to 3 types of audience:
1) Developers: We assume they have some sort of basic experience working on block chain projects before.
2) Tech Entrepreneurs: Here, the entrepreneur wants one of his developers to do the installation & want us to assist the developer.
3) Non-Tech Entrepreneurs: You have just an understanding of technology. Along with a good guided help, you can setup the platform yourself. 

When you choose this Installation Assistance Service ( IAS ), following are the things you can expect:
- You will get access to a Private thread in our Forum.  Only you and the Technical agent from our side will be in this private room.
- The Agent will guide you on getting the product installed.
- You can ask your questions to the agent ( Please only stick to the script related questions ).
- Everything happens over chat.

How do I book the Installation Assistance Service?
Step 1: First you Download the latest version of our product.
Step 2: You donate $149 for the Installation Assistance Service.
Step 3: We accept the following modes of payment:

BITCOIN Address: 1iN4StEZVki3zN4PCW8BA9y9AvCGWWj2c 

ETHER Address: 0x25dC1A39a627B030eFC06f8E31AE6Cf4F198B10e  

USDT Address: 19ZDtfwQzmYnb2p6jEwDZm3du94hrQSyep 


TRX Address: TMaLzR2G2P7DzPJXPhX6DkFCL9ZQWpncjT 

Step 4: Once the payment is made, please contact us on FB Messenger HERE -or- shoot a mail to: ( with the screenshot of your transaction ).
Step 5: We will verify your transaction and assign you an agent.

Note: We would need atleast 4 hours to provision your private room & assign an agent. We request you to be a little patient.

Can I switch over from Installation Assistance Service ( IAS ) -to- Expert Installation Service ( EIS )?
Yes. You can. All you need to do is, contact us on our FB messenger page, or shoot a mail to the above mentioned email ID about your decision. We will turn things accordingly.

How to avail the Expert Installation Service ( EIS )?
Step 1: First you Download the latest version of our Script.
Step 2: Please contact us on FB Messenger HERE -or- shoot a mail to:
Step 3: We will connect you with the respective developer/ vendor for the Expert Installation Service ( as it changes based on the availability of developers ).

Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to add an Exchange Remarketer feature to your Bitcoin Exchange Software

One of the most essential things for any new Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Exchange is to showcase a busy and populated order book. A busy & dynamic order book woos your users to start trading on your exchange without any second thoughts( also helps them successfully complete their trade ). To achieve this your Bitcoin Exchange Script must have other Exchanges integrated as Liquidity providers. Once your exchange has a Liquidity provider, you can implement the Exchange Remarketer feature to boost your order book from day one.

NoteBitExchange is a ready-made Bitcoin Exchange Script with Exchange Remarketer feature builtin

How does this work?

Very simple. Once you choose a leading exchange as your Liquidity Provider, you will need to integrate the API of the respective exchange on your Bitcoin exchange software. Once this is done, implement the Exchange Remarketer module. This module duplicates the orders and transactions of the providing exchange you have integrated and shows it up on your site's order book. When your user buys a cryptocurrency on your exchange, the Remarketer buys the exact same amount of crypto from the liquidity providing exchange and sells it to the customer. On the other hand if a user on your exchange sells cryptocurrency, the Exchange Remarketer module will buy the crypto from the user and sell it on the providing exchange. All this happens seamless and lightning fast!

The Exchange Remarketer module should be programmed good enough that it sniffs outages ( if at all ) at the liquidity provider end and pauses itself during such situations immediately and automatically.

The Exchange Remarketer module that is built-in the BitExchange script comes with a suite of adjustable parameters, so your backend team can easily customize the module to key in the required thresholds, depth of re-marketing etc. and boost the order book.Also comes with instant notifications to the admin of your exchange during situations of low balances on your providers exchange or yours. The module also has the latest Cross-FX remarketing capability, so your team can also remarket fiat currencies.

Exchange Remarketer feature in Bitcoin Exchange script