Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Installation Support Service

What is this service all about?
Many who download the BitExchange Script need help with Installation. Out of all the requests we have got so far, we have divided the requests into 2 types:
- Those who want to install the Exchange script themselves, but need live support ( Installation Assistance Service )
- Those who want the entire installation to be done on their servers and the exchange handed over up-and-running ( ie. end-to-end Expert Installation Service ).

So, you need to be first clear on which among the above 2 service you would need.

What are the things covered in the Installation Assistance Service?
This is a unique type of Installation service which caters to 2 types of audience:
1) Developers: We assume they have some sort of basic experience working on block chain projects before.
2) Tech Entrepreneurs: Here, the entrepreneur wants one of his developers to do the installation & want us to assist the developer.

When you choose the Installation Assistance Service ( IAS ), following are the things you can expect:
- You will get access to a Private thread in our Forum.  Only you and the Technical agent from our side will be in this private room.
- The Agent will guide you on getting the exchange installed.
- You can ask your questions to the agent ( Please only stick to the Exchange script related questions ).
- Everything happens over chat.

How do I book the Installation Assistance Service?
Step 1: First you Download the latest version of our Exchange Script HERE.
Step 2: The Installation Assistance Service costs just $149
Step 3: We accept Bitcoin payment only. You can make your payment to the below address:

Bitcoin Address: 12tc8rXWYTQaHmqJDFTMJHr61jN7ge7KA8 

Step 4: Once the payment is made, please contact us on FB Messenger HERE -or- shoot a mail to: contact@bitexchange.systems ( with the screenshot of your transaction ).
Step 5: We will verify your transaction and assign you an agent.

Note: We would need atleast 4 hours to provision your private room & assign an agent. We request you to be a little patient.

Can I switch over from Installation Assistance Service ( IAS ) -to- Expert Installation Service ( EIS )?
Yes. You can. We will deduct the $149 you paid for IAS and enroll you into the EIS. All you need to do is, contact us on our FB messenger page, or shoot a mail to the above mentioned email ID about your decision. We will turn things accordingly.

How to avail the Expert Installation Service ( EIS )?
Step 1: First you Download the latest version of our Exchange Script HERE.
Step 2: Please contact us on FB Messenger HERE -or- shoot a mail to: contact@bitexchange.systems.
Step 3: We will let you know the FEE for the Expert Installation Service ( as it changes based on the availability of agents ).
Step 4: You make the payment. We start the installation.

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